a versatile rescue sled suitable for a wide range of emergency response situations

The RDC tows and tracks well on water and is easier to pull than hard hull rescue sleds or rescue platforms. It is self righting in the event of a capsize and will paddle easily by one or two rescue team members.

The RDC tows incredibly well behind a snowmobile when used for patient transport or equipment hauling. Its 48 inch wide track area allows the RDC to float extremely high on the snow, creating substantially less drag for the snowmobile than the more typical "hard" sleds weighing 250 or more pounds that ski on narrow runners and dig deep tracks into the snow. The RDC is an excellent choice for avalanche rescues or cold weather search teams working on snow or ice.

Some of the rescuue sled operations include:

  • A water rescue sled, you can tow behind a boat or personal water craft like a Jet Ski or Wave Runner
  • A tow-in rescue sled
  • A sled for ice rescue operations
  • A sled you can two by snowmobile for cold weather rescue in snow or on solid ice
  • A surfing or lifeguard rescue sled

Watch our demonstration videos to see how the open ends of the RDC allow a rescue technician to be positioned over the head and shoulders of ice or water rescue victims to pull them into the RDC. This rescue technique avoids ever present and dangerous situations where the rescuer becomes the victim.

The RDC should be part of your rescue responder kit for water-related situations. Contact us today for more information, a demonstration, pricing and how to place an order.


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