Our mission

We take pride in our boats and design them to take the kind of punishment that many years of rescue and commercial usage will incur. We work closely with Fire, Sheriff, Search and Rescue organizations and manufacturers for ideas, prototype testing and product proofing.

Our company director, Kris Walker, was a partner/owner with Bill Forrest at Forrest Mountaineering in 1970’s, a company that designed and built technical rock climbing equipment. During those early years, he created, designed and developed dozens of climbing products still in use today including Friends, the original climbing cam anchors and the first rock climbing hammer and ice axe systems with interchangeable picks. Kris founded Argonaut in 1984 (which later became AIRE in 1989), a company that designed and produced whitewater cats, rafts and inflatable kayaks. Kris was the first person to design, build and sell a commercially viable line of recreational catarafts. He has combined more than 3 decades of experience gained from these fields and created a family of inflatable watercraft that pushes the frontier of the water rescue environment.

Our guiding principles:

Oceanid was formed to revolutionize the field of aquatic rescue. A few years ago, we began customizing our unique water vehicles to the specific needs of the customer. This has opened previously inaccessible environments not only to the rescuer, but to many who find themselves working in a demanding water environment on a regular basis. Oceanid is starting another revolution. We have transferred the knowledge gained through literally millions of harsh river miles, to our current products. They are professionally designed to serve those who must work around, or in, a liquid environment under the most challenging conditions. We work closely with our customers to assure they have the finest and most reliable equipment in the world.

Design Philosophy

The unique requirements of the user have driven all design concepts at Oceanid. We look at what needs to be accomplished and create various prototypes. They are then rigorously tested in training and field use by search and rescue, fire, sheriff units, USGS and other agencies. Only the most durable, safe and useful products will ever leave the prototype phase. Our customers come from all around the globe, giving us great ideas for product improvement and innovative new products. We listen to our customers carefully. They are the driving force behind the success of Oceanid. Our philosophy toward design is this: We will only design products which maximize the safety of those who must work in a demanding, aquatic environment. Our products must be versatile, easy to use and nearly indestructible.

The Future

You will shape our future. We need to hear your ideas. Tell us what you need and maybe, together, we will figure out some creative new solutions. Oceanid was formed to bring about new solutions to old problems in the areas of water rescue and work boats. Rescue and work boat users need better equipment. Oceanid will seek to provide new products, enhancing the safety and effectiveness of professional boaters around the world.

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