The most durable, easiest-to-use rescue boat ever made

Rescue Banana™



The Rapid Deployment Craft is simply the best, fast-response, ice rescue craft available at any price. The craft surrounds one or more rescuers in an ultra buoyant and protective inflated perimeter.

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The RDC is easy to control, very stable and is self righting in potential overturn situations. It paddles and ferries like a canoe and is suitable for class or grade 5 whitewater.

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The RDC tows and tracks well on water and is easier to pull than hard hull rescue sleds or rescue platforms. The RDC tows equally well behind a snowmobile when used for patient transport or equipment hauling.

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The RDC Rapid Deployment Craft is built to take the stresses incurred by those who need to work in demanding, water-related rescue situations. The standard package includes carrying bag, floor top carpet, two paddles, paddle bag, tow strap assembly, air fill manifold and repair kit.


about the RDC:

The RDC, Rapid Deployment Craft, has extremely rockered (upturned) ends. They allow the rescuer to "drive" the boat's open end over the victim while the victim's head remains above water at all times. It also allows a rescuer to reach forward into a pour-over while still safely centered in the boat. The floor is open at each end, allowing 2 entry points. The freeboard height is only inches, enabling a rescuer to easily pull a victim into the boat. This also allows a diver, with tanks on, to pull themselves into the craft with minimal effort. The two entry portals on either end also act as carrying points which provide a perimeter of safety in case of sudden ice failure or mud sinking. These carrying points are comfortably at your sides. Carrying the RDC is like using a litter with long handles, which, by the way, is one of its many uses. The RDC will store in a 2' cube, inflate in a heartbeat, and can easily be carried by one person. The most common way to carry it is deflated and stored in a rescue boat or vehicle. Think about how often you arrive at a scene and cannot find a place to launch your motorized boat. This is why you should have the RDC along on every call.

For more information, see RDC Handling and Use Instructions.


The RDC is designed to withstand severe use conditions for many years. To achieve this, each rescue craft is assembled with the finest, most advanced materials available using the best time tested construction techniques. The RDC fabric is the most durable in the Industry. It is a PU/PVC/polyester alloy material with all the seams being welded and taped for ultimate strength and air retention. No glue or adhesive is used so our seams attain the same strength as the fabric which means there are no weak links in our rescue boats. The urethane coating also contains more UV inhibitors than any other material on the market. This allows prolonged sun exposure with no fabric degradation, as occurs with traditional rubber boats. Our floor is also very special. It is an I-Beam Design that, with very little air pressure, can become rock hard. This enhances stability and makes the RDC an excellent litter for carrying an incapacitated victim.

The RDC is one tough cookie. It may last so long that you will forget all about us. That is our goal and our greatest complement. When you receive a rescue boat from us the care and feeding instructions will be incredibly short. Store the RDC deflated and bagged. This will give you fast access, less chance of damage and will lengthen the life of the rescue boat. Keep it in a dry area, out of direct sunlight. We understand the conditions that exist with our customers and believe that with a little care, most will have the RDC in service for many safe and productive years. Under ‘normal’ emergency response use, we believe that the rescue boat can last a decade or more.


OCEANID 12 YEAR WARRANTY: This warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship with the exceptions stated below. The warranty does not cover abuse or normal wear and tear. Historically the RDC has very rarely had any warranty issues. Pilot Error injuries are a part of the emergency response environment and we do see a few of those on an occasional basis. With our “No Fault” policy, we will repair for free any injury to the RDC at our repair facilities. You will be responsible only for the cost of shipping to and from our repair facility.

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